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Ancient Rome, IV century A.D.: it is a stormy period in Roman Empire, the quiet of past centuries is only a memory and the struggle for the title of Emperor is increasingly harsh.

In the Capital of the Empire, the most important "Gens" do not miss a chance to try to increase their power, to be able to influence the new Augustus as much as possible. Despite political instability, each faction wants to enlarge its possessions and is not afraid to face also armed clashes, with bloody battles later forgotten in the windings of the official historiography... Meanwhile, the Arena and the gladiators are important faces in the fight for the power: the people worship their idols!


Anno Urbis - The Fight for Rome is a strategy and combat board game, set in a period where the power of emperors is often challenged by ambitious province governors or by smart military commanders. In Rome, the Senate is torn apart by the struggle among the various factions, while the people can be influenced by the charisma of the heroes fighting in the Arena. You will have to balance the development of each settlement, the conquest of new territories (even through military battles) and the growth of the skills of your Hero, so to control the most of the Eternal City’s seven hills: only in this way it will be possible to dominate Rome and, perhaps in the future, even the entire Empire...

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In Anno Urbis - The Fight for Rome, each player will command a powerful Roman dynasty and will have to struggle to gain the domination over the Capital of the Empire: build barracks and farms and expand your influence on the “domus” on the seven hills of Rome, but do not forget to use your resources to erect a temple in honor of one of the deities! In return, you will have incredible relics for your hero, as well as unique powers for gaining an advantage and defeat your rivals. But do not underestimate the Arena, if you manage to accumulate more glory, the whole city could be yours, but if you were defeated... Well, in Rome, losers have a short life!


Anno Urbis - The Fight for Rome offers exceptional components, many miniatures and the 3D models of the seven hills of Rome, true focus of the game and whose conquest will determine the winner. Next to them there is also the Gladiator Arena, in which the players’ fighters will compete to the death to increase glory and influence of their faction.

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The union among resources management, cards and combat make this game unique, but also the historical accuracy is important: indeed, we tried to rely on really existed events, characters and places, to allow players to immerse themselves in a sometimes neglected, but also fascinating and glorious, historical period.

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