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The Factions

Gens Aemilia

Considered by Tito Livio as one of the “gentes originarie” already existing at the time of the foundation of Rome, Gens Aemilia can boast (at least according to some) even Pythagoras (the great Greek philosopher and mathematician) among his most distinguished ancestors. Although in the Republican age they were elected consuls many times (55), after the death of Emperor Nero Claudius Caesar Augustus Germanicus the importance of the Aemilii diminished, even though they remain among of the most prominent families in Rome. Now, this Gens wants to take advantage of the struggle among all the candidates to the title of Emperor of Rome, increasing their power and, who knows, perhaps bringing one of its members up to the throne.

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With its noble and ancient origins, Gens Aemilia is currently facing a difficult moment, with its influence going down compared to the Republican period. The Aemilii are one of the four playable factions in Anno Urbis - The Fight for Rome: help this dynasty to get their hands on Rome and to regain the ancient power!

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