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Gens Cornelia

Gens Cornelia has an own vision of how to govern the capital of the Empire: very jealous of their traditions and habits (sometimes different than other families), the Cornelii have quickly reached the highest positions available in Rome and have kept them for a long time: they have been nominated consul 106 times, more than all the other Roman dynasties.

Part of the aristocracy of the Senate and one of the city's "gentes maiores", Gens Cornelia has often fought to maintain the patricians’ privileges and against the plebs. Currently, the Cornelii are keeping equidistant from all the contenders to the imperial throne: they are undecided about who to support or have in mind a twist that could take everyone by surprise?

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Able to conquer the office of consul more than any other Roman families, Gens Cornelia has always been an exponent of the richest and most conservative classes in the Eternal City. In Anno Urbis – The Fight for Rome you will be able to become part of this dynasty: will you decide to move behind the scenes, to take advantage from the mistakes of others?


The Factions

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