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The Factions

Gens Valeria

Gens Valeria is one of most ancient and glorious families of Rome: as early as 509 BC, in fact, a man called Publio Valerio Publicola was among the protagonists, together with Lucio Giunio Bruto, of the expulsion of Tarquinio the Superb (the last king of Rome) and of the birth of the Roman Republic. Now, about eight centuries later, Valerii have a stable place among the most influential dynasties of the Eternal City, with their own private sector on the Circus Maximus’ tribunes and many consuls and emperors related to this family.

Always attentive to the rights of plebeians, Valerii look forward to the arrival of the new Emperor, confident that, thanks to their wide network of contacts, they will be able to get benefits also from him...

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Already protagonist when the last King of Rome was thrown out, Gens Valeria always had great influence in the life of the Eternal City. In Anno Urbis - The Fight for Rome you are going to take the command of this family: will you be able to exploit the ties and the contacts accumulated in centuries of history to definitively take power in the Capital of the Roman Empire?

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