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The Gods


God of war, duels and bloodsheds, Mars is, according to the myth, the son of Juno. In Rome, the cult of this deity is officiated by special priests, called Salii, who wear a purple tunic and must also protect twelve special sacred shields, called Ancilia: the legend tells that one of them fell directly from the sky.

To this god is also dedicated Campo Marzio (Field of Mars), an area immediately outside the city where army is trained and camped, since the soldiers are not admitted into the heart of Rome. Mars is celebrated in the first month of the Roman calendar year, March, which bears his name and which marks the resumption of military activities after the winter break.

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In Anno Urbis – The Fight for Rome, when you build the Temple of Mars you will gain very good military-oriented relics and powers, to launch incredible attacks, both on the battlefield than in the Arena.

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