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The Arena

The site where the "munera" (gladiator fights) and the "venationes" (the battles between gladiators and animals) take place is also in which the people of Rome acclaim their heroes.

Whether it is Mirmilloni, Reziari or Dimacheri, professional gladiators have always been the idols of the Romans, who sometimes venerate them more than the Emperor himself. If they survive long enough, the most beloved fighters can become influential figures in the city and, perhaps, even help their own faction in its rise to power.

In Anno Urbis – The Fight for Rome, the Arena phase is a topical moment of every game: at the time of its opening, each player chooses the most suitable among his gladiators, to support the hero in a fight to the death against the other factions.

Everything is granted and there are no alliances, since there will be only one winner: so he will help his Gens to increase the influence on the seven hills of Rome.

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