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The Seven Hills of Rome


The seven hills of Rome have always been the “beating heart” of the city and the nerve center of every activity in the Capital of the Empire: all concentrated east of the Tiber River, they are now populated by monuments, temples, villas and public buildings, and represent the greatest importance places in Rome.

Whether you are walking the Vicus Patricius or the Vicus Longus on the Quirinale, wandering through the marvelous villas on the Palatine or admiring the Flavian Amphitheater from the top of the Celio, it is obvious that who has the greatest influence in these places, also can claim the control over the whole Rome.

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In Anno Urbis – The Fight for Rome, the seven hills of Rome are the fulcrum of the game, since they represent what will decide the winner of every game: only who have, in fact, the influence on the majority of the domus built on them, will be able to control the Capital of the Empire. Getting this result will be possible by constructing buildings and settlements, defeating the other opponents and winning the Arena challenge: thi last one is a crucial moment, which could shuffle the cards of a game and guarantees always high variability until the end.

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